Wind Spirits Kiting Exhibition-Kites and banners arranged in an incredible display of color and motion by award-winning kite master Charles Stewart and participation by other experienced kite flyers.

 In Concert-A talented array of singers, musicians, and poets give voice to feelings. A tentative list of performers includes: Breakaway, Jeff Curtis, Jennie Walker, Danielle Reed and other special guests to be announced.

Mural of Hope –On a large ‘sheet canvas’ visitors are encouraged to share emotions through drawing and words using colored markers.

Parrots for Peace
- Gloria Waslyn’s ‘peace parrots’ Baby & Merlin provided ‘support’ in the 9/11 clean-up. These colorful birds always win the hearts of all who meet them with their friendly antics.

 Sand Sculpting- Matt Long demonstrates his artistry and imagination, transforming a mound of sand into a magnificent form. Families and individuals are encouraged to build their own sand monuments.

Memorial Garden
- Around the periphery of the main sand sculpture, children and adults are supplied with small flags, and asked to ‘plant’ them along with offering silent prayers.

Seaside Tribute
- As the highlight of the 9/11 tribute, over 100 kites are freely given out to kids/adults to fly at the same time, all reaching toward the heavens in an expression of unity, hope, and healing.

Message Towers
-Similar in concept to the ‘Wailing Wall’, people are asked to leave notes to loved ones in a symbolic model.

Kite Train
-Created by veterans and children, this striking kite weaves an awesome path in the sky.

 Kite Arch-Spanning the shoreline, the arch is a memorial to all those touched by the tragedy of 9/11.

Special appearance Search and Rescue dog ' Tango'                                             

 The flying of kites represents the universal dream of freedom, and is a special way to recognize many of the unsung heroes and ordinary people who came together and did the extraordinary. As a way to share the event with those who could not attend, in the future we hope to display photographs of the event and mural art in a special Freedom Flight 9/11 Gallery Exhibition. 2008 will be our 6th year…the event has grown in size and scope.  Please join us, and tell your friends…sponsors and volunteers are welcome.


Join us on September 7th 2008 for
Long Beach, NY

A day to remember for those we will never forget!
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This event is about unity, hope and healing. A special fund will be established
to allow this event to continue and grow.

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